Dogs and cats ARE allowed at our Park Street property and designated buildings at Lake Pointe, Prairie Vista, and Ravenwood. There is a maximum size of 50 pounds.


For all other buildings, we strictly enforce our Pet Policy at Apartment Mart of Springfield. A good general rule to follow is that if an animal has "Four Legs And Fur", it will not be allowed in our apartments. Examples include: dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. We do allow fish, birds, and small animals/reptiles that are caged or in a tank. If you are thinking about bringing a pet into your apartment and aren't sure if it is allowed, please call us at (217) 529-2900.

Signing a Lease

To sign a lease you must have a valid identification. When you sign the lease and receive the keys, the move-in fee and application fee of $40 are required by this time. The move-in fee of $300 for all of Apartment Mart's properties. We do not give out keys without a signed lease. Rent starts the day you take possession of the apartment.

Internet Service

Apartment Mart of Springfield offers high-speed internet service at all Lake Pointe Apartments as well as the Prairie Vista Apartments. Please inquire with the office staff for details about the internet service.

Moving In

All Lessees must be signed on the lease and all rent due by the lease begin date must be paid prior to move in. Carpets are shampooed and all surfaces cleaned before move in (does not apply to those apartments renewing.)

All keys are picked up at the Apartment Mart of Springfield office during regular business hours.

Moving Out

All leases require a minimum of 30 days notice prior to move out.


KEYS: all apartment must be returned



To schedule service disconnection and give your forwarding address contact:

CWLP Electric/Water - 217-789-2030

Village of Chatham - 217-483-2451


If you fail to call CWLP or the Village of Chatham, you may be charged for service remaining in your name past the expiration of your lease. You may not schedule a final meter reading or disconnect service prior to the maturity date of your lease.


Do not shut off/unplug the refrigerator.


Don't forget to fill out a change of address form with the Post Office.


You wil receive instructions from the Apartment Mart of Springfield staff on cleaning requirements when you give you 30 day move-out notice. This information is also posted on this site under PRINTABLE FORMS.

Renewing a Lease

All leases contain a paragraph which automatically renews your lease in one month increments. If you do not contact Apartment Mart of Springfield 30 days prior to the maturity of your lease, it will automatically renew for one month.


Often we are able to offer several different renewal options for existing residents. We urge you to contact us to discuss your choices as soon as reasonably possible.


All Apartment Mart of Springfield properties provide ample parking for our residents' vehicles. All vehicles must be operable and licensed to remain in the lot.


We do not allow storage or parking of trailers, boats, campers or oversized vehicles on our properties. Residents will need to make special arrangements for any temporary situations.